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Why I’m running …

Ramona Thompson's campaign launch press release image links to PDF versionI am a TEXAS DEMOCRAT running for State Representative in HD 106, which includes Little Elm, much of Frisco and The Colony, Hackberry, Oak Point, Krugerville, Sanger, Aubrey, Cross Roads, and Pilot Point.

As I watched the last year unfold with horror, I realized that too many of us abdicated our power by not being informed, involved, donating and voting. That’s what a healthy democracy requires. But we left the gates of Power open and unguarded by taking our freedoms and way of life for granted. That stops now. With me. And you. We must rise up and take back our power, turning Texas blue and Washington too, again. So I’m asking for your help and support.

We must wake up, come out of hiding, and be loud and proud liberal and progressive Democrats! We must inspire our friends to join us, because it has never been more clear that we are on the right side of history.

One person’s courage gives others courage to also speak up and do the right thing. Look at the deafening voices of women who are so loudly speaking up about the sexual abuses that have been known but not acknowledged. The time has come, and they’re not going to take it anymore!

We Texas Democrats have been under represented in Austin politics for too long. But no more! Join me! Stand up! Take someone’s hand and invite them to step out of the shadows too. Every one of us needs to take action now. No more sitting on the couch, watching the news, shaking your heads. There has never been a better time, and momentum is building. This is the time of strong Texas women. Hear us roar!