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Political Investments with High ROI

By Wayne Caswell, Vice Chairman, Alliance of Progressive Voters

After Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last month, articles everywhere quoted analysts who called it a trillion-dollar giveaway to wealthy Republican donors. That caused me to dig up and re-watch a whiteboard video by Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. In “The Koch Machine,” he shows us how the Koch brothers strategically spent hundreds of millions of dollars on:

  • showy political front groups,
  • deceitful ad campaigns,
  • Think Tanks that reinforce their beliefs,
  • voter suppression schemes,
  • anti-unions efforts, and
  • a long-term strategy to unravel America’s campaign finance laws.


“PADDLE” To Catch the Blue Wave

A Blue Wave swept across the Virginia Legislature last year, and it’s making its way to Texas, giving us the best chance since Ann Richards of flipping Texas politics. But to catch the wave, we must all do our part — paddle if you will. For me, that means stepping up to run for public office in Texas House District 106 to represent you.

The Virginia Wave was clearly an Anti-Trump rejection of hatred, misogyny, racism, bigotry and the divisiveness that has spread across the nation.  (more…)

The Virginia Wave

“What are the top lessons from the recent Virginia House of Delegates elections for candidates running for Texas House? And, if you are elected how would you use that momentum to strengthen the Democratic Party in the state?”

That line of questioning was posed by Groundswell Denton, to several Democrat candidates for Texas House Districts in the Dallas are. What follows is the quick response I submitted.

The Virginia Wave is poised to sweep the nation

The Virginia results are inspiring, and provide a spark of hope that we can reference to get our constituents motivated to donate and vote. It is more proof that the tide is turning. (more…)