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Why American Health Care is So Expensive

By Wayne Caswell, Founding Editor, Modern Health Talk

This video by Vox and Ezra Klein explains why American health care is so expensive, and it does so simply and effectively. It mentions each of the top issues I write about at Modern Health Talk, including the political influence of a medical cartel that profits from treating illness and injury with a fee-for-service business model. (more…)

GOP Against Local Control

By Wayne Caswell, Vice Chairman, Alliance of Progressive Voters

The GOP-controlled Texas Legislature has been attacking local control with the same fierceness that once was reserved for criminals, and Governor Greg Abbott has been leading a national trend that must stop. He even suggests that states should ban cities from having regulatory powers at all.

Abbott apparently believes in The Goldilocks Rule: “Federal control is big and bad. Local control is bad. State control is just right.” It’s all about power.

According to the Houston Chronicle, he wants lawmakers to “set spending caps on local governments, reform property taxes in a way that could force budget cuts, and limit the ability of cities to control annexation, tree-cutting, texting while driving, [ride-sharing services, business regulation, plastic grocery bags,] construction permits, bathroom access, even the collection of union dues in government paychecks.”

Over a dozen other states with Republican control have joined in this attack with limits on minimum wage rates, local gun controls, multibillion-dollar transportation projects, and even  issues such as allowing the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

State officials point to regulatory uniformity, but political scientists insist that party politics is a factor, because cities are more liberal at heart. That’s why Ramona Thompson picked Local Control as one of the top issues of her campaign.


School Finance is Not a Game

When I get to Austin my number one priority will be to end the shell game that the legislature is playing with our taxes. ALL our school tax money should be going to public education, but it isn’t.

Texas only gets a C- in Education

Every child should have access to a high-quality education and the opportunity to achieve the American dream. Public schools must be fully funded to achieve the goal of providing children with the tools they need to succeed. (more…)

Saving Capitalism From Corruption

A guest article by Wayne Caswell, Vice Chairman, Alliance of Progressive Voters

If Wealth and Power Corrupts, then Extreme Wealth and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. That’s my extension of a quote by British historian Lord Acton, and it’s why I worry so much about our current President and write so much about the relationship between income inequality, opportunity, and political influence. (more…)

Don’t Gut Net Neutrality

By Wayne Caswell, Vice Chairman, Alliance of Progressive Voters

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to gut Net Neutrality consumer protections and kill open Internet competition as a result. That’s not surprising since he formerly worked as an attorney for Verizon Communications, but there are many issues that are not well understood, and not being discussed.

I am so bothered by this that I sent personal notes to the five FCC Commissioners, shared my Net Neutrality perspectives, and urge them NOT to gut Net Neutrality. Here’s what I said.