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Texas Democrats are Staging a Comeback

While most Texans are still Republican, Democrats are enjoying a comeback after a year of Trump politics that is dividing the nation, pitting neighbor against neighbor, souring family relationships, and breaking up friendships. This has many long-time Republicans turning away from the party.

These Are Exciting Times


Q&A with Ramona

Frisco Water Tower

House, Ramona Thompson announced her run for Texas House District 106, a seat currently held by Pat Fallon (R-Frisco).

District 106 is a gerrymandered shape that includes the cities of Aubrey, The Colony, Cross Roads, Hackberry, Krugerville, Lakewood Village, Lincoln Park, Little Elm, Oak Point, Pilot Point, Sanger, and portions of Frisco, Hebron, Prosper and Plano.

Below are Ramona’s answers to questions asked by The Dallas Morning News, Community Impact Newspaper, and others.

Why are you running for this office?

Texas Democrats have been under represented in Austin politics for too long.

As I watched the last year unfold with horror, I realized that too many of us abdicated our power by not donating and voting, and not being informed, involved, and politically active. It’s clear that we need more Democrats willing to run for office and represent all Texans. (more…)

Ramona announces candidacy (News)

Press Release

Ramona Thompson announces candidacy

Texas House District 106

Frisco, TX November 16, 2017: With the slogan “Ramona, in the House,” Democrat Ramona Thompson of Frisco, launched her political campaign this week for Texas House District 106, a seat currently held by Republican Pat Fallon.

The event was held at the Frisco Lakes Golf Club on Monday, November 13 with over 100 guests attending. Its resounding success shows that there is a large progressive community in the area that is looking for a strong candidate who understands and can represent their issues in Austin. (more…)