“PADDLE” To Catch the Blue Wave

A Blue Wave swept across the Virginia Legislature last year, and it’s making its way to Texas, giving us the best chance since Ann Richards of flipping Texas politics. But to catch the wave, we must all do our part — paddle if you will. For me, that means stepping up to run for public office in Texas House District 106 to represent you.

The Virginia Wave was clearly an Anti-Trump rejection of hatred, misogyny, racism, bigotry and the divisiveness that has spread across the nation. 

Virginia Democrats resisted strongly and worked hard for the sweeping changes that put them in control for the first time since 2000. They walked, and walked, and called, and donated, and walked some more.

They ran against Trump, but also against cronyism and big money, and they got voters engaged. That’s the Blue Wave that’s coming to Texas. I need your help to catch it, starting with your vote and support. Thanks, Virginia, for showing that every vote counts.


Every Vote Matters
You too can take charge of your future, instead of living with what the elites allow for you. And with very little effort, you can get others to vote and get active too – lots of others – to magnify your personal impact.

With social media, you can Like and Share posts and pages about candidates you like and issues you support. That simple step can get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others to see and share the articles.

Posting yard signs and displaying bumper stickers is also a great way to inspire neighbors and activate them too.

And then, of course, you can contribute time (through volunteering) or money (consider a sustained donation).


Here’s an example. Wayne is a retired IBM technologist on my team who is volunteering his time and expertise to developed my website and help with consulting and messaging. The in-kind value of his time is worth thousands of dollars but also has a multiplying effect. That’s what your help can do: multiply my chances of being elected to serve you and your interests.

All candidates can use that kind of help. So if you have spare time or a valuable skill to share, we want to hear from you. We need help with research, messaging, writing, calling, block walking, and more. Volunteer here, and we’ll get back with you.


If you have less time than money, consider a sustained contribution of some amount, and think of it strategically with an eye on Return-on-Investment. See Political Investments with High ROI.